Carnal Pleasures Series

Carnal Gardens CoverCarnal Gardens (Carnal Pleasures – Book 1)

“Welcome to Grayson Estate where your hottest, most arousing sexual fantasies come to life. No desire is too big or too small; if you can dream it, we can arrange it. Contact us today and discover what we can do for you.”

Well, who could refuse such an intriguing invitation? Certainly not single, thirty-something Sarah who is longing to shake up her life in a big way. A vacation to end all vacations seems just the ticket. But as she settles in to enjoy the carnal pleasures offered at the rambling, English country house known as Grayson Estate, Sarah has no idea how far reality will outstrip her wildest imaginings.     (CLICK HERE for Book Details)

Carnal Fountain Cover
Carnal Fountain (Carnal Pleasures – Book 2)

Aphrodite’s Tears—a fountain supposedly cursed by the goddess of love herself. Now there’s a not-to-be-missed sight. Or so thought travel writer Anna Sutton as she went in search of the mysterious and fabled fountain in the Greek village of Makrynitsa.

What Anna could not have foreseen, however, was the storm of carnal desire unleashed by the water’s touch. Nor the handsome stranger—also infected—who believes that Anna is meant for him. (CLICK HERE for Book Details)

Carnal Dancing Cover
Carnal Dancing (Carnal Pleasures – Book 3)

Danse Charnelle—a members-only dance club boasting one simple rule: Complete nudity is prohibited. So why is Rhiannon Lassiter sitting alone in a club created for carnal play?

Watching the barely-clad couples bouncing and thrusting on the dance floor, Rhia is asking herself the same question.

So, too, is the club’s sexy, unattached owner, Sam Coulter, who finds his solitary guest irresistible. Could a romp on the dance floor be far behind? (CLICK HERE for Book Details)

Dream A Carnal Dream Cover
Dream A Carnal Dream – Carnal Pleasures Collection, Volume 1

Feed your carnal appetite with three titillating tales of lust unleashed.

This volume is a collection of the first three books in the Carnal Pleasures Series and contains the following stories: Carnal Gardens, Carnal Fountain, and Carnal Dancing     
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