Fae Lovers Series

Stranded Cover
Stranded (Fae Lovers – Book 1)

When her rental car dies leaving Kate stranded on a deserted country road, she’s rescued by Connor and Lachlan. Two delectable brothers living all alone in a grand house in the Scottish Highlands.

But what Kate doesn’t know is that her stranding was engineered by Fae magic and Connor and Lachlan are not at all what they appear to be. For these two lusty Fae brothers are eager to play and lucky Kate is their playmate of choice.     (CLICK HERE for Book Details)

Siobhan's Desire CoverSiobhan’s Desire (Fae Lovers – Book 2)

Siobhan! Unseen, Lachlan had watched her grow from child to woman. Drawn to her as he’d been to no other through the long centuries of his life. Unlike the other humans that he and his brother had played with, a single night of bed sport with Siobhan would never be enough. Lachlan intended to claim her body and soul—for all time.

Drawn repeatedly to the border of the crumbling estate where she’d played as a child, Siobhan had resisted the haunting allure of the place and the compelling presence she felt watching her. But when the delectable Lachlan invaded her dreams and called to her, Siobhan could resist no longer. Today she would cross the border and damn the consequences.     
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Sister Mary CoverSister Mary Does A Faery (Fae Lovers – Book 3)

Raised by the nuns of Thistlemere Abbey, Mary’s future seems decided. She’ll join their order and live out her life in peaceful service to others. But an unexpected encounter in the woods with the mysterious and tantalizing Connor jolts Mary from her path, inciting her curiosity and arousing a hunger for sensual pleasures that Connor is more than willing to satisfy.

Connor of the Fae is delighted at his unanticipated meeting with the lovely Mary but appalled to learn that the innocent young woman is contemplating becoming a nun. Before Mary chooses a celibate life, Connor is determined that she should experience the carnal pleasures that she’ll be forsaking. And who better to teach her than the master himself?     
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To Play With The Fae Cover
To Play With The Fae – Fae Lovers Collection, Volume 1

Hot, lusty, and compelling – no woman can resist when the magical Fae come to play.

This volume is a collection of the first three books in the Fae Lovers Series and contains the following stories: Stranded, Siobhan’s Desire, and Sister Mary Does A Faery     
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Spell Of The Piper Cover
Spell Of The Piper (Fae Lovers – Book 4)

Grace’s visit to her family’s isolated mountain cabin yields an unexpected and lusty bounty when she meets Alec, the single and very sexy nephew of the cabin’s caretaker.

But when a seductive and mysterious piper also appears on the scene, one thing becomes crystal clear. Grace’s long, dry spell is most definitely over.     
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