Spell Of The Piper (Fae Lovers – Book 4)

Book Description

Grace’s visit to her family’s isolated mountain cabin yields an unexpected and lusty bounty when she meets Alec, the single and very sexy nephew of the cabin’s caretaker.

But when a seductive and mysterious piper also appears on the scene, one thing becomes crystal clear. Grace’s long, dry spell is most definitely over.

Book Details:

Author:  Siera Saunders
Publisher:  JSC Publishing
Publication Date:  August 2015 
Price:  $2.99 (USD)
Word Count:  9,000 words (approximate)
Language:  English
Format:  Electronic Book (eBook)

Reader Advisory

This is an erotic fantasy short story (approximately 9,000 words in length) featuring hot, graphic sexual situations involving the magical Fae (also known as faeries – though most definitely not of the Tinkerbell variety). Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for Book Excerpt ( Warning – Adult Content )

I was starved by the time I wandered into a peaceful little glade unfamiliar to me. I thought I knew every inch of this mountain, but the crystal pool slumbering beneath the spreading branches of a giant oak did not wake any recognition. Still, it was a perfect place for a picnic lunch. I spread out the blanket I’d packed, carefully setting my grandmother on one corner, and proceeded to enjoy my sandwich.

As I munched, I studied the great old tree and the pool beneath it. Curiously, the oak had no nearby neighbors but commanded the entirety of the small clearing. Perhaps that’s how it had managed to grow so large. The surface of the water it guarded was mirror smooth, untouched by the slight breeze stirring my hair and ruffling the surrounding meadow grass and flowers. A bit of an oddity, that.

Given the warmth of the day and my morning of exercise, the water looked inviting. Very inviting indeed. “Well Gram,” I said, climbing to my feet, “it’s just us two ladies out here. I don’t suppose I need to worry about anyone snapping a photo of my bare butt.” Feeling a tad wicked, I undressed and waded carefully into the pool.

The water deepened toward the center but never rose above my chest. Deliciously cool and silky, it caressed my skin like a lover’s sensual touch. With a delighted sigh, I sank into its welcoming embrace, dove to examine the bottom glinting with multi-colored pebbles, then rose gently back to the surface.

As I floated buoyant and weightless, staring up into the leafy branches of the tree, I heard the flute again. The music seemed both close and distant, an inconsistency that kept me floating rather than diving for cover to hide from prying eyes. The haunting tune wound around and through me while my thoughts drifted, disconnected from my physical form.

Perhaps it was that lack of connection which stilled the panic I should have felt at the body rising beneath me. A man’s body, as naked as my own. His arms encircled me, cupping my breasts and squeezing the nipples, teasing them to hardness. One hand trailed lightly down my belly to cup my mound, his long finger slipping between my folds.

I could feel the hard length of his erection pressed to my butt, felt the soft rise and fall of his breath against my back as he sought and found my clit and began to fondle the sensitive nub.

A distant part of my mind, not completely lost to the erotic sensations he was rousing, knew he couldn’t be there. The water was too deep. Floating on the surface while holding and supporting me as he was, wasn’t possible. But, oh, what he was doing to my body felt so good.

He slid one long finger inside me while his thumb continued to encircle my clit. The water lapped sensuously against my skin, adding to the tantalizing stimulation. His hips flexed, cock rubbing against my ass as he held me pressed tightly to him. I was helpless in his arms, the tension of arousal building. Small breathy cries escaped my lips, but he was utterly silent.

Water washed over us, stirred by the increasing vigor of his thrusting hips and fingers. Two of them buried inside my pussy, winding me tighter. I reached for my clit and he shifted his touch to give me access while a third digit penetrated my slippery interior. I fondled my clit while he deeply finger-fucked my cunt, driving me toward the brink of climax.

With a cry, my belly clenched around his busy fingers. Again and again muscles rippled as he continued the stimulation, curving and spreading his fingers to stroke the sensitive inner walls of my pussy. When the last spasm passed, he held me for a moment before finally speaking.

“So it begins,” he whispered in my ear. The music soared into a twisty crescendo that held me spellbound. Then it stilled into silence and he was gone.