To Play With The Fae – Fae Lovers Collection, Volume 1

To Play With The Fae - Fae Lovers Collection, Volume 1Book Description

Hot, lusty, and compelling – no woman can resist when the magical Fae come to play. This volume contains the first three books in the Fae Lovers Series:

Stranded (Fae Lovers – Book 1):
When her rental car dies leaving Kate stranded on a deserted country road, she’s rescued by Connor and Lachlan. Two delectable brothers living all alone in a grand house in the Scottish Highlands.

But what Kate doesn’t know is that her stranding was engineered by Fae magic and Connor and Lachlan are not at all what they appear to be. For these two lusty Fae brothers are eager to play and lucky Kate is their playmate of choice.

Siobhan’s Desire (Fae Lovers – Book 2):
Siobhan! Unseen, Lachlan had watched her grow from child to woman. Drawn to her as he’d been to no other through the long centuries of his life. Unlike the other humans that he and his brother had played with, a single night of bed sport with Siobhan would never be enough. Lachlan intended to claim her body and soul—for all time.

Drawn repeatedly to the border of the crumbling estate where she’d played as a child, Siobhan had resisted the haunting allure of the place and the compelling presence she felt watching her. But when the delectable Lachlan invaded her dreams and called to her, Siobhan could resist no longer. Today she would cross the border and damn the consequences.

Sister Mary Does A Faery (Fae Lovers – Book 3):
Raised by the nuns of Thistlemere Abbey, Mary’s future seems decided. She’ll join their order and live out her life in peaceful service to others. But an unexpected encounter in the woods with the mysterious and tantalizing Connor jolts Mary from her path, inciting her curiosity and arousing a hunger for sensual pleasures that Connor is more than willing to satisfy.

Connor of the Fae is delighted at his unanticipated meeting with the lovely Mary but appalled to learn that the innocent young woman is contemplating becoming a nun. Before Mary chooses a celibate life, Connor is determined that she should experience the carnal pleasures that she’ll be forsaking. And who better to teach her than the master himself?

Please note that this is a collection of three short stories. Each of these books can also be purchased on their own.

Book Details:

Author:  Siera Saunders
Publisher:  JSC Publishing
Publication Date:  March 2014
Price:  $6.99 (USD)
Word Count:  30,000 words (approximate)
Language:  English
Format:  Electronic Book (eBook)

Reader Advisory

This is a collection of three erotic fantasy stories (approximately 30,000 words total) featuring hot, graphic sexual situations involving the magical Fae. Each of these books can also be purchased on their own. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Stranded ( Warning – Adult Content )

Reclining in the ornate, footed tub—not quite large enough for three, but darn close—Kate closed her eyes and luxuriated in the languid warmth spreading through her body, driving away the chill. Silken bubbles caressed her skin, scenting the humid air with lilac and jasmine.

Delightfully relaxed, she pondered the strange circumstances that had brought her to this house, a guest of two of the most delicious men she’d ever met. Hard to believe they were brothers; there was no family resemblance beyond mutual attractiveness. With nothing more pressing on her mind, Kate considered which she would choose, if given the opportunity.

In the past, she’d favored dark coloring over fair, but Connor had a certain boyishness that Kate found very appealing. Still, she couldn’t discount Lachlan whose merest touch reduced her to mush. A choice between them would be difficult indeed.

But, then again, why choose? How about a lovely male sandwich cookie with herself as the cream filling?

Kate smiled at the beguiling carnal thoughts, her skin flushing in imagined anticipation. The water stirred sluggishly around her, teasing her nipples and swirling between her thighs like the soft questing touch of a lover’s fingertips.

Liquid heat lapped at her skin and Kate shivered at the delightful sensation of firm lips nuzzling her breasts; nibbling the hard buds of her nipples. Lost in sensual imagining, she parted her knees and the bathwater pulsed against her clit in erotic simulation of a clever tongue laving her tender flesh.

Flowing in and out of her pussy in slow seductive waves, the water assumed the arousing aspect of long male fingers priming her for penetration. Desire fired her blood and Kate moaned softly.

The water surged with greater force, stroking her sensitized skin and winding the tension in her belly tighter and tighter. Groin atingle with pent-up need, Kate opened her legs wider. More. Her hungry cunt demanded more than mere fingers. And the living water complied. Rushing to fill her, it thrust in and out, driving her higher with all the sensations of a hard cock wielded by a skilled lover.

Kate panted, the water sloshing as she drove her hips upward to meet each downward thrust. Fondling her clit, she squeezed and caressed first one nipple and then the other while the slippery penis fucked her harder, driving her toward an explosive climax. With a cry, the shuddering orgasm took her, muscles contracting around a hard cock that couldn’t possibly be there.

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Siobhan’s Desire ( Warning – Adult Content )

Firm lips brushed Siobhan’s in the lightest of caresses. A soft sigh granted her lover further access to explore and his tongue boldly stroked hers, twining and teasing; his taste as sweet and decadent as the richest chocolate. Siobhan ran her fingers through his long, silky hair then down his back, delighting in the feel of ridged muscle under warm skin. She pulled his lean body closer, her aching nipples rubbing against his chest.

Abandoning her mouth to trail his lips down her neck, he kissed a tantalizing path to her breasts, suckling first one hard bud and then the other as she moaned with pleasure. Siobhan wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her heels into his butt, eager for the hard erection pressing so deliciously between her thighs. He rocked his hips, his penis sliding in her slippery juices, the head of his cock abrading her clit as he moved back and forth in languorous temptation.

Siobhan reached between them, wanting—needing—that hard cock inside of her. She guided him in, groaning at the perfect melding as their bodies joined. Lachlan! His beautiful eyes met hers, desire a hot, molten glow in their green depths. With slow relish he smiled and then rotated his hips, wringing a gasp of pleasure from Siobhan. His cock pulsed inside of her as he began to thrust, leisurely at first, then faster, fucking her with consummate skill.

Running her hands down his chest, Siobhan encircled his penis, the tips of her fingers lightly caressing the sensitive underside of his cock as he pumped in and out of her wetness. Tension wound tighter in her belly each time he withdrew to his crown and then buried himself to the hilt in her soft, yielding flesh.

Close to the edge, Siobhan loosed a wrenching whimper of dismay when he severed their intimate connection. But her disappointment was short-lived. Crouching between her spread legs, he put his mouth to her pussy and flicked her clit with his tongue, teasing and laving the tender flesh until Siobhan was writhing helplessly under him.

With exquisite timing, he re-entered her in one smooth, deep thrust. Opening her knees wider, Siobhan dug her fingers into his firm ass and drove her hips upward, eager to be filled, shivering at the sensual friction of his erection stroking her sensitized flesh.

Panting, teetering on the cusp of ecstasy, Siobhan cried out as her muscles clenched his cock in shuddering orgasm. Wave after wave crashed over her, her pussy gripping his penis and milking him of every last drop of hot seed.

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Sister Mary Does A Faery ( Warning – Adult Content )

“Aren’t you just a beauty!” Mary exclaimed, squatting to snip the plant’s tender bud. She’d only seen pictures of this particular medicinal plant; Sister Petra would be delighted at her rare find.

Mary added the herb to her overflowing basket of pungent greenery then rose to gaze around the little gem of a glade that she’d stumbled upon. God’s own hand must have touched this isolated spot in the forest to have gifted it with so many useful herbs.

“I’ve never seen such a divine bounty in one spot,” she said, smiling to herself in satisfaction.

“Nor have I,” a male voice agreed.

With a startled squawk, Mary spun around, her basket of carefully-harvested plants flying. “Where did you come from?” she exclaimed, eyeing the half-naked water nymph rising from the small pool at the center of the glade.

Of course he couldn’t really be—a water nymph, that is. Everyone knows that nymphs don’t exist. But half-naked? Oh yes, that he definitely was. And gorgeous enough to easily pass for a creature of myth and legend.

His chiseled features, the very epitome of rugged, masculine beauty, were framed in golden hair that flowed like a sun-touched waterfall down his back. His torso, all well-defined muscle, was blanketed in warm, honey-toned skin. Mary’s mouth watered at the very sight of all that male magnificence on display.

“I’ve been here all along,” he replied, his hands idly stirring the water lapping at his waist. “Doubtless you were too engrossed with your plants to notice me.”

Mary gasped, “My herbs!” She gazed at her painstakingly-gleaned harvest now scattered across the ground and loosed a vexed sigh. “Oh, look what you made me do.”

The corner of his mouth lifted in amusement. “My apologies. I shall, of course, assist you in gathering them up.” Matching deed to word, he moved toward the edge of the pool, intent on exiting.

“Stop!” Mary thrust her right hand out, while shielding her eyes with her left. Peering through a sizable gap in her fingers, she demanded, “Where are your swim trunks?” As the pool grew shallower, the head of the man’s penis had breached the water like an eager periscope, making it all too clear that he was, in fact, completely naked.

He looked down at his bobbing member, his smile widening. “I seem to have misplaced them.”

Fascinated by what she could see of his delectable body, Mary reluctantly said, “I shall turn my back while you get dressed.”

“Very thoughtful of you,” he murmured and began to move again.

Mary whirled around and bent to retrieve her basket, more tempted to sneak a peek than she’d care to admit. As a foundling raised in Thistlemere Abbey by Sister Petra, Mary had had little exposure to handsome, young men—especially not of the naked variety. She was, admittedly, curious.

“What’s your name?” she asked, resisting temptation with admirable fortitude.

“Connor,” he replied from right behind her. “And you are?”

Mary turned. “Naked.” Her eyes widened in consternation. “You’re naked. Where are your trousers?” she blurted.

Flashing a rogue’s grin, he leaned toward her and whispered conspiratorially, “I seem to have misplaced them, as well.”