Sex In The Office Series

Spanked In The Conference Room (Sex In The Office, Book 1)
Spanked In The Conference Room (Sex In The Office – Book 1)

On the eve of the most important presentation of his career, Chase is nervous as hell. Fortunately, his lovely colleague Laura has just the cure for his angst. She’s been harboring a hot sexual fantasy with Chase in the starring role. But will she share? Chase is willing to bet that some hand-to-ass persuasion is all the encouragement Laura needs.


Loved In The Elevator (Sex In The Office, Book 2)
Loved In The Elevator (Sex In The Office – Book 2)

Claire and Jack have been lusting after each other since they met at the office several months ago. But what’s a horny young couple to do when they work all the time and quick gropes in dark corners no longer suffice? Jack and Claire devise the perfect rendezvous in Claire’s favorite fantasy spot. Will the would-be lovers consummate their desire as planned? Or will they get caught loving each other in the elevator?     (CLICK HERE for Book Details)


Banged In The Boardroom (Sex In The Office, Book 3)Banged In The Boardroom (Sex In The Office – Book 3)

When cash-strapped college student, Emma, is asked by her event-planner employer to participate in a very special office party for an old friend, she reluctantly agrees. The pay is generous and it’s just one party, right?

Logan is willing to go to any lengths to renew his brief acquaintance with the lovely Emma. A woman who sparked a desire in him he’d thought lost forever. But subterfuge, no matter how innocent the intent, is always fraught with danger.

Will the planned entertainment fan the flames of desire for Emma and Logan or smother them forever?     (CLICK HERE for Book Details)

Sex In The Office-Volume 1
Sex In The Office – Volume 1

Three torrid tales of hot sex in the workplace. When you just can’t wait for five o’clock.

This volume is a collection of the first three books in the Sex In The Office Series and contains the following stories: Spanked In The Conference Room, Loved In The Elevator, and Banged In The Boardroom     (CLICK HERE for Book Details)