Loved In The Elevator (Sex In The Office – Book 2)

Loved In The Elevator (Sex In The Office, Book 2)Book Description

Claire and Jack have been lusting after each other since they met at the office several months ago. But what’s a horny young couple to do when they work all the time and quick gropes in dark corners no longer suffice? Jack and Claire devise the perfect rendezvous in Claire’s favorite fantasy spot. Will the would-be lovers consummate their desire as planned? Or will they get caught loving each other in the elevator?

Please note that this is the second book in the three book “Sex In The Office” series. The series is available as individual stories or as a collection titled “Sex In The Office – Volume 1.” The collection contains “Spanked In The Conference Room,” “Loved In The Elevator,” and “Banged In The Board Room.”


Book Details:

Author:  Siera Saunders
Publisher:  JSC Publishing
Publication Date:  April 2013
Price:  $2.99 (USD)
Word Count:  5,800 words (approximate)
Language:  English
Format:  Electronic Book (eBook)

Reader Advisory

This erotic short story (approximately 5,800 words) contains graphic language and hot, sexually explicit scenes between consenting adults. Have fun 🙂 .

CLICK HERE for Book Excerpt ( Warning – Adult Content )

The instant that the doors were closed again, Jack had Claire up against the wall, kissing her heatedly. His tongue stroked hers while his hands slipped under her skirt to cup her ass. “I thought we’d have to wait even longer and I’m not sure I could.”

“No,” Claire gasped, unzipping his fly and freeing his cock. Jack loosed a guttural groan as her hand wrapped around his engorged erection.

“That feels so good,” he said, thrusting into her hand. He reached to undo the buttons on her blouse and buried his face in her cleavage, kissing the full mounds spilling out the top of her sexy, lace bra. “These are what I was thinking of when I was jerking off today. You have amazing breasts, Claire.”

Trying to retain some slight grasp on sensibility as Jack nuzzled her breasts, Claire breathed, “We have to stop the elevator.” Between floors. That way they wouldn’t be interrupted. And Claire most definitely didn’t want to be interrupted while Jack’s hard cock was buried in her wet pussy. Her groin tingled just thinking about that pending pleasure—too long forestalled.

She reached for the elevator’s control panel, but couldn’t quite touch the STOP button. Jack lifted his face from her boobs long enough to stab at the controls. With a lurch, the elevator stopped its upward climb.

Smiling at her, his eyes glazed with desire, Jack pushed her open blouse off her shoulders and let the silky material drift to the floor. “Show me your breasts, Claire.”