Sex In The Office – Volume 1

Sex In The Office Collection, Volume 1Book Description

Three torrid tales of hot sex in the workplace. When you just can’t wait for five o’clock. This volume contains the following short stories:

Spanked In The Conference Room (Sex In The Office – Book 1):
On the eve of the most important presentation of his career, Chase is nervous as hell. Fortunately, his lovely colleague Laura has just the cure for his angst. She’s been harboring a hot sexual fantasy with Chase in the starring role. But will she share? Chase is willing to bet that some hand-to-ass persuasion is all the encouragement Laura needs.

Loved In The Elevator (Sex In The Office – Book 2):
Claire and Jack have been lusting after each other since they met at the office several months ago. But what’s a horny young couple to do when they work all the time and quick gropes in dark corners no longer suffice? Jack and Claire devise the perfect rendezvous in Claire’s favorite fantasy spot. Will the would-be lovers consummate their desire as planned? Or will they get caught loving each other in the elevator?

Banged In The Board Room (Sex In The Office – Book 3):
When cash-strapped college student, Emma, is asked by her event-planner employer to participate in a very special office party for an old friend, she reluctantly agrees. The pay is generous and it’s just one party, right?

Logan is willing to go to any lengths to renew his brief acquaintance with the lovely Emma. A woman who sparked a desire in him he’d thought lost forever. But subterfuge, no matter how innocent the intent, is always fraught with danger.

Will the planned entertainment fan the flames of desire for Emma and Logan or smother them forever?

Please note that this is a collection of three short stories. Each of these books can also be purchased on their own.

Book Details:

Author:  Siera Saunders
Publisher:  JSC Publishing
Publication Date:  April 2013
Price:  $6.99 (USD)
Word Count:  15,400 words (approximate)
Language:  English
Format:  Electronic Book (eBook)

Reader Advisory

In these three erotic short stories (approximately 15,400 words total), you’ll enjoy spanking, D/s, voyeurism, m/f, and m/m action in hot, graphic detail. All between consenting adults, of course. Have fun 🙂 .

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Spanked In The Conference Room ( Warning – Adult Content )

The lace top of her thigh-high stockings peeked out from the hem of her skirt. Chase couldn’t resist the offered temptation. He stroked his hands up the outside of her thighs, lifting her skirt higher. He groaned at the firm, smooth flesh revealed by the tiny black thong she was wearing under her skirt. Laura’s ass was a work of art. He stroked and squeezed the sweet mounds.

She moved her butt against his hands. “Ooh, that feels so good. I’ve been fantasizing all day about you touching me like this.”

“Have you now?” Chase unzipped her skirt and slid it down over her hips. Laura stepped out of the clothing, pushed the stack of drawings out of her way, and stretched out further across the conference room table. She widened her stance and wiggled her ass in wanton invitation. “And what other wicked thoughts have you been thinking?” Chase gave her a playful slap on the rump, savoring the faint pink imprint left by his hand.

Laura moaned. “You’re making me so wet.”

Chase brought his hand down with firm authority on the other cheek, then slipped his fingers between her legs. Laura hadn’t been exaggerating; her slit was slippery with lubrication. Delving higher under her thong, he found her clitoris and lightly fondled the sensitive nub. “Tell me about your fantasies,” he ordered, as she moved her hips against his fingers, increasing the friction.

“It’s the middle of the work day and we’re in the conference room, just like now,” Laura began.

“Just like now?” Chase asked, a note of incredulity in his voice. “Would you disrupt the whole office with your wanton behavior, woman?”

“No. Yes!” Laura amended with a soft cry as Chase spanked her again with more force.

“You are a very bad girl,” Chase exclaimed, glowering at her with feigned anger. “Stand up,” he said, stepping away from her. “Turn around.”

He eyed her sexy body. The delightful mounds of her breasts pushing out of the top of her bra, the tiny triangle of satin hiding her wet pussy. His cock thrummed with the need to bury itself in Laura’s quivering slit. Not yet. It’ll only get better.

Chase walked across the room to the informal sitting area and threw himself down on the couch. Frowning, he beckoned her closer. “You will tell me every detail of this dirty fantasy of yours. Leave out nothing or your punishment will be severe. Do you understand?”

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Loved In The Elevator ( Warning – Adult Content )

The instant that the doors were closed again, Jack had Claire up against the wall, kissing her heatedly. His tongue stroked hers while his hands slipped under her skirt to cup her ass. “I thought we’d have to wait even longer and I’m not sure I could.”

“No,” Claire gasped, unzipping his fly and freeing his cock. Jack loosed a guttural groan as her hand wrapped around his engorged erection.

“That feels so good,” he said, thrusting into her hand. He reached to undo the buttons on her blouse and buried his face in her cleavage, kissing the full mounds spilling out the top of her sexy, lace bra. “These are what I was thinking of when I was jerking off today. You have amazing breasts, Claire.”

Trying to retain some slight grasp on sensibility as Jack nuzzled her breasts, Claire breathed, “We have to stop the elevator.” Between floors. That way they wouldn’t be interrupted. And Claire most definitely didn’t want to be interrupted while Jack’s hard cock was buried in her wet pussy. Her groin tingled just thinking about that pending pleasure—too long forestalled.

She reached for the elevator’s control panel, but couldn’t quite touch the STOP button. Jack lifted his face from her boobs long enough to stab at the controls. With a lurch, the elevator stopped its upward climb.

Smiling at her, his eyes glazed with desire, Jack pushed her open blouse off her shoulders and let the silky material drift to the floor. “Show me your breasts, Claire.”

CLICK HERE for an Excerpt from Banged In The Boardroom ( Warning – Adult Content )

God, she’s magnificent. And sexy as hell. Watching Emma’s performance from the sidelines, Logan couldn’t resist the temptation to stroke his own groin, delighted at a firmness he hadn’t felt there in a long time. He curled his fingers into a fist to stop himself from unzipping his fly, but mental images of her full, red lips encircling his cock continued to torment.

Just then, Emma’s eyes met his and her mouth curled in a sensual, knowing smile. Logan stopped breathing and didn’t start again until her gaze returned to the naked young men in front of her.

She had them neatly paired up with two on their knees drawing the underwear down the legs of their standing companions to reveal stiff, rampant erections. All four men were generously endowed and eager to play.

The two kneeling began to rise, but Emma stopped them with a twitch of her crop on their butts. “Not so fast, boys,” she said, reaching for the bottle of chocolate syrup. “I thought you wanted dessert.”

With that she drizzled Red’s and Blue Eyes’s penises with the rich, dark chocolate, then capped the head of their cocks with a swirl of whip cream. “Eat up, boys,” she told Butterscotch and Tiger. “And do, by all means, lick your plates,” she added, stroking the back of their heads and urging their mouths toward the waiting feast.

Blue Eyes and Red leaned back against the table, their eyes slitted as they watched their brothers-in-play begin the delightful task of licking the sticky sweetness from their hard-ons. Emma used the tip of her whip to lightly caress the cocks of the kneeling men, stroking the underside from base to tip and tapping the head with the leather popper. Her gentle touch soon had both men squirming, especially when she slid the crop between their butt cheeks and massaged their balls with the flexible head of the whip.

Watching her, Logan’s fingers twitched toward his groin again. Perspiration dampened his forehead as he fought the desire to tear his clothes off and join the group around the table. Though she hadn’t removed any of her clothing, mental images of Emma’s pert, naked breasts, rosy nipples ripe for sucking, tantalized him. He longed to peel off that tiny thong, spread her thighs, and taste the sweet wetness of her pussy. Logan groaned to himself. Helen had been right. This was a very bad idea.